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Ventral/Incisional Hernias


What are Ventral/Incisional hernias?

Ventral/Incisional hernias are defects or holes in the strength layer of the abdomen that keeps your abdominal contents in place. Typically these occur in natural areas of weakness such as the belly button or previous incision.

These defects result in a bulge that is typically painful with exercise, lifting, coughing or during bowel movements.

Early on, you can push these bulges back in, and without surgical correction, will grow larger in size, and eventually have the potential of bowel getting stuck.

The Robotic Advantage:

Almost all, even large and complex hernias can be repaired with 3 robotic incisions. The robotic camera and instruments that mimic natural hand movements allow sewing the hernia defect from below in a similar fashion to open surgery from above.

Laparoscopic hernia repairs typically do not close the hernia defect, but rather span the defect with a mesh, which is sub-optimal.

No mesh in the abdomen

Your body sees foreign objects and has a natural reaction to attack. This creates scarring of abdominal contents such as bowel to the mesh, creating potential for bowel obstructions, or injuries if that patients ever need surgery again, even years later. By placing mesh within the layers of the abdominal wall, it is sandwiched between your natural tissue, and nearly eliminates these issues.

All appropriate techniques available

In choosing a hernia surgeon, it is important to choose someone who can utilize all of the various techniques and help you decide which is best, rather than only offering one or two techniques.

Dr. Johnson is well versed in open repairs when needed for tiny or massive hernias, as well as the standard robotic intraperitoneal (inside the abdomen) repair a majority of robotic surgeons use, as well as the advanced techniques.

Repair of Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is the stretching of the tendon between the rectus abdominis (ab) muscles. This is not a true hernia, but can lead to hernias in this tinned tissue. This is common after pregnancy, and can give an unsightly bulge.
This can be repaired within the layers of the abdomen utilizing an advanced robotic technique called eTEP, which brings the abdominal muscles back into proper alignment. This is done with 3 small incisions on the side, for what previously required an open ‘tummy-tuck’ type procedure.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Benjamin Johnson is a genuine person to the core. I have gone through about 30 big and small surgeries in my life, and he is one of the top two surgeons I have ever met. Surgery of any kind is a fusion of skill and art; Dr. Johnson has clearly mastered that. He is also an extremely knowledgeable doctor who can simplify complex medical conditions to patients. I'd be recommending him to anyone who asks me for suggestions on where to get general surgery or surgeries in his areas of clinical interest. As an experienced surgery patient with a good sample size of doctors and their work, I can

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Harshad Mali

I would highly recommend Dr. Benjamin Johnson. He is an exceptional physician. I was referred to Dr. Johnson for a second opinion after getting conflicting advice following a first hospitalization for diverticulitis. I had one doctor who was insisting I needed an immediate colon resection surgery and another who was focused on some other findings relative to my bile & pancreatic ducts. Needless to say, I was confused and frustrated on top of not feeling well. Dr. Johnson was more helpful than both of the other doctors combined. He is extremely knowledgeable, very caring and patient. He expl

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-Maureen McHale Hull
Dr. Benjamin Johnson

Specializing in Robotic Surgery Services in Chicago

Dr. Johnson’s Commitment to treating the whole patient, top surgical skills, and recovery programs have led to proven excellent outcomes with Robotic Surgery.

Specializing in Robotic Surgery In Chicago  

Dr. Johnson’s Commitment to treating the whole patient, top surgical skills, and recovery programs have led to proven excellent outcomes with Robotic Surgery.

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